Thursday, September 29, 2016

Quick Tip #2 "Sanding Blocks" - No more fuzzy edges!

Today's "Quick Tip 2

Sanding Blocks"

I just love this tip because how many times do we let our trimmer blades get too worn down.  There are some ways you can try to resharpen the blades but most people will just replace them with new blades.

But if you have cut your paper already and noticed fuzzy edges, this tip is for you.  I saw this from Jennifer McGuire's Favourite Products Series and I immediately knew this was something I could use.  Let's face it, everyone promotes products but most of us don't have the money to purchase everything that is promoted.  But for me these blocks would be awesome for me because I had cut several sheets of paper and ended up with the little fuzzy edges.   The blades replacement might be $10 for a pack of two but if I can get a little more life out of my cutter I do try.  Some of the stronger card stocks will still cut nicely but the thinner ones will start to leave fuzzy edges.  So I usually won't replace my blade until the thicker card stocks are now jagged.

So just take a block and hold your papers and sand the edges as I show in the video.  Happily you can say goodbye to jagged and fuzzy edges.  Of course this product could be used in distressing and more mixed media work where you would sand and distress.  If you are into Tim Holtz type art, this would be a useful product for that as well.

If you don't want to buy this product but the idea interests you, why not go to Walmart, or maybe a dollar store and grab some sand paper.  You can wrap it around something that you can use and you will have the same result.  What I like about this product specially is the size, shape and how light it is.  The inside is foam and it is very light to hold.  These are also easy to store.

So I hope you liked this quick tip.  I really like the product.  Honestly a package of 5 will last you a lifetime.  This really is a one time buy.  If you have a friend, why not split a pack as I haven't even used up one yet!

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