Sunday, September 11, 2016

Quick Tip #1 - Video - Save Money - Shammy

Today's "Quick Tip 1

Shammy - Stamp Cleaners"

I really wanted to do some quick tip videos.  Firstly I think they are helpful and a lot of fun.  Plus some of these tips will save a lot of money or time.

For this first video I have shown how instead of buying brand name Shammy Stamp Cleaners, that you can buy a simple car shammy down the auto isle and cut these large pieces up into several small shammy pieces to use when crafting.  Plus when the smaller pieces get extremely dirty, it is no problem to replace with a new one at quite a low cost.

These shammy pieces will not leave fibres on your stamps nor will it leave any residue.  Baby wipes sometimes leave some residue on your stamps making it difficult to get a good impression the next time you use your stamp.  Also with just water with this shammy, you will not need any fancy stamp cleaning spray or product!

Most dollar stores today will sell these type of shammy cloths.  Walmart and many home stores will as well.  If you need to purchase them online, check out amazon!

Supplies from this Haul!  Walmart Canada

Also check out your local dollars stores & Amazon!  If the linked products are out of stock, just search the item name.  There are many other stores/websites that will sell this product!  I have only linked to the one I often buy from!

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