Custom Products

Custom Products

We create the following custom made products:
  1. Custom Cards.
  2. Custom Albums.
  3. Custom Gift Cards or Mini-Albums.
  4. We can also add people's names/sentiments to cards.
  5. Wedding cards and invitations.
Many times we want to make something really special for someone.  When we customize our gifts for the recipient, they are appreciated even more.  Custom cards are lovely because you can add specific names or sentiments to your card.  You can even add numbers for birthdays  or anniversaries.   If custom cards are something that interests you, please contact me today!

I made this special mini-album/birthday card for a lady for her God Father:

I made this little mini album for a lady for her nieces.

I made this special wedding card for a lady who wanted specific scriptures in the card.  She also wanted many pages for signatures.

I made this special min-album for someone who wanted to save some family poems.

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