Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some last scrapped pages of 2010

Today's "Pages"

If you can believe I have been waiting for sunlight to take pictures of these pages.  It has been way too winter-ie here and very little sunlight.  Hooray today is the day!

I took a plain white piece of paper and stamped it, inked it, and also masked it!  I love blue!

I love all the flowers.  This was taken at the Muttart Conservatory.

 I believe this was basic grey paper and then I did my masking and inking on top.  More Tim Holtz!

 A page I did after going to the Gala to support Dogs With Wings!

I love this page of my son exploring the spray park!

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  1. Here from ATT. Great looking blog and love your layouts! Helene

  2. Love the L.O.'s & how you have flowers on the one without it looking feminine.
    Your blog looks real good.
    ( A.T.T.member )

  3. I love all your scrapbook pages! You do such a great job with them. I like your blog!!

  4. Here from how you do your scrapbook pages. Using Tim's stuff is so much fun, and you did it just right.

  5. Hello Kelly,

    Welcome in the blogworld ! :)
    What's good about your blog is that you show a lot of photos : I like to read on blogs, but a good photo, large enough to see what 's really on it, makes it more interesting for me.

    Nice layouts you made ! I'm admiring people who find the time to scrapbook ! I think they are such nice memories, but I don't find the time between all my other creative projects to scrapbook. But I doesn't mean I don't like to see how people make their layouts !

    I like it that you used your Tim's stuff to make your own backgroundpapers.

    Wow, mom of two kids with autism... that must be sometimes a very tiring job, but I know it's rewarding !
    I have a 19 year old son with Aspergersyndrome : very sweet and clever guy but so "not with his feet on this earth."..

    greetings from belgium

  6. Wonderful layouts!!! And your blog is great!!!

  7. Wow, Kelly, I just love your style. Your layouts are just stunning. And I especially love all the 'Tim touches' I see throughout :)