“A little update”

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog!

Hey everyone.  Just a quick update.  It has been a long time since I updated my blog but I have been consistently putting up new youtube videos each week.

I became too busy to continue on my design team for Stamps + Fun = Creativity.  I have had a lot going on with my children and I also have been battling heath issues.  My son is a competitive skier and life is so busy during the winter months!  I feel much better these days and life seems to settled down a bit so I plan to update my blog and will post all the videos here on my blog.

Also I’m stepping back from making any further Card Kits at this time.  Life has been so busy and I want to enjoy crafting and being creative, so I will not be creating any more cards kits at this time.  However, maybe in the future I will continue these kits.

Thanks for stopping by today and hopefully there will be more on my blog really soon!


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