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If you want some card making inspiration, tutorials, tips, hints, and tricks, check out my blog and youtube channel!


If you want some inspiration, tutorials, tips, hints, and tricks, on making albums, check out my blog and youtube channel.

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card kits

If you want to create some quick cards, try one of my card kits.

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Crafting, Creating, and sharing!

Kelly’s Cards has been crafting, creating, and sharing crafting for over 10 years!  From the beginning pre-made items were made to sell.  Images of those items were shown and shared everywhere!

Today  Kelly’s Cards provides so much more:

  • Card Kits
  • Album Kits
  • Pre-made Cards
  • Pre-made Albums
  • Custom Cards
  • Youtube videos – Tutorials, Hauls, Tips, & Tricks!
  • Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook Sharing!
  • And more coming all the time!

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